Welcome to Green Kangaroo Wellness!

Passion Creates Purpose

I am a nutritionist based on Boston’s South Shore. My love for all things nutrition and health started in 2009, shortly after getting married and moving from Fairfield County, CT to Bucks County, PA. There my life-long love for food and cooking coupled with the local bounty of products available led to my interest in promotion and growth of the sustainable and local food movement.  From there, my focus on where our food came from and how it is produced sparked a deeper desire to better understand the connection between the food we consume and the effect it had on our health.

In 2011 I enrolled with the Nutritional Therapy Association and became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in June 2012. The education I received from the NTA provided me with science-based, practical knowledge and the inspiration to help educate people on how incredibly powerful real food can be in achieving lasting sustained wellness. As a result I assist communities in taking charge of their health, using nutrient-dense whole foods and non-toxic living practices.

In addition to my professional certification from the NTA, I have gained a great deal of real-life experience dealing with my own case of Lyme Disease and helping my older daughter heal her food sensitivities and eczema.  My first-hand experience better equips me to help and assist you through your own healing journey.

Green Kangaroo Wellness exists to empower individuals and families to make life-altering decisions about the food they consume and the lifestyle choices they make.  I passionately believe that many of the ailments we face today are not normal and have developed because of poor dietary choices and innumerable environmental factors.  I get no greater joy professionally than showing people how simple it is to make BIG changes in their health with SMALL changes in their lives.

At Green Kangaroo Wellness I strive to bring optimal health and wellness through real food, nutritional therapy and lifestyle education. Through one-on-one consultations and training programs I illustrate how the foods and nutrients you ingest become the building blocks for a vibrant, healthy life.  I strongly believe in the body’s innate intelligence and that given nourishing foods, proper rest, daily movement and stress management it can, in many cases, heal and repair itself. To affect change, I emphasize local, whole, properly prepared nutrient dense foods as the key to restoring balance and enhancing the body’s ability to heal.


What’s In a Name?

The One in The Middle Is the Green Kangaroo is a Judy Blume classic.  First written in 1969, this was Blume’s first published book.  It is about a little boy named Freddy Dissel, who is a middle child that often feels ignored.  Freddy’s luck changes when he lands the lead role in the school play as the green kangaroo.  After conquering a case of stage fright, the play is a success and Freddy’s perceptions of his situation and his place in the family changes.  Blume’s story remains a testament to valuing one’s own accomplishments rather than comparing oneself to others.

Being the middle child myself, this book resonated with me from an early age.  While never the lead in a school play myself, my education and career in nutrition has been my “breakout performance” and has allowed me to step into my own role and shine.   My perception of health and wellness and what it takes to optimize them has changed due to my education and life experiences.

The Green Kangaroo Wellness logo illustrates the ever-present and important connection between the health of one generation and the next.  The dietary and lifestyle choices we make today directly affects the health of our children and future generations.

What you eat and how you live dictates how you feel.  You have the power to improve your health and I want to help.

Photo Credit: Alissa Cole Photography