What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a form of lifestyle counseling focused on diet, education and wellness coaching.   Through a series of diagnostic tools, imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are identified and addressed through diet and lifestyle modifications as well as targeted nutrient support.

Nutritional therapists do not diagnose or treat disease, but work to correct imbalances with the goal of supporting the body’s innate ability to restore balance and achieve optimal health. When working with a client, their bio-individuality steers the course of therapy.  What works for one client may not work for the next. Many factors, such as genetics, environment, gender and history, play into an individual’s nutritional needs.

At Green Kangaroo Wellness, we take a science based, holistic approach to supporting our clients.  The goal of nutritional therapy is to address the underlying root causes of poor health and disease while correcting nutritional weaknesses and deficiencies to bring the body back into balance.

At the heart of nutritional therapy are six foundations which, when properly addressed, can restore health and balance to the body.  Nutritional therapy recognizes diet as the basis upon which all the foundations rest.  A nutrient dense, whole food diet is paramount to clients wishing to restore health and wellness to their life.

The Foundations

  • A Nutrient Dense Whole Food Based Diet
  • Proper Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Mineral Balance
  • Essential Fatty Acid Balance
  • Proper Hydration

Imbalances in the foundations can cause further imbalances in endocrine function, immune function and the cardiovascular and detoxification systems in the body. The first step in nutritional therapy is to address the six foundations and work towards correcting imbalances so that your body can run more efficiently and function better. A balanced body will reward you with more energy, a sound night’s sleep, resistance to illness and a better quality of life.

Who Might Benefit From Nutritional Therapy?

  • Couples wishing to support their detox pathways prior to conception
  • Couples experiencing fertility issues or miscarriages
  • Those suffering with digestive issues (heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, gas, bloating etc.)
  • Someone suffering from seasonal allergies and/or asthma
  • Those interested in kicking their sugar habit and regulating their blood sugar
  • Individuals who suspect a food sensitivity but are unsure of how to proceed,
  • Parents looking for non-pharmaceutical ways to address their children’s behavioral issues
  • Those looking to resolve PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalances
  • Parents wanting to provide nutrient-dense, whole foods for their families
  • Individuals struggling with lasting weight loss
  • Persons suffering with anxiety and or depression
  • Those plagued with the diseases of inflammation
  • Anyone suffering from loss of or low levels of energy
  • Someone wanting to address skin issues, lowered immune function, insomnia, and headaches
  • Anyone looking to explore this list!

Nutritional Therapy Scope of Practice

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is a paraprofessional certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.®, trained to evaluate a client’s nutritional needs, support normal function, and identify nutritional deficiencies. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ makes recommendations of dietary changes, lifestyle considerations, and nutritional supplementation based on the following:

  • Client Interview
  • Analysis of Client’s Food Journal
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Lingual-Neuro Testing

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ is not trained to provide medical diagnosis, to prescribe or treat any medical or pathological conditions, illness, injury or disease. No recommendations or comment made by a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner should be construed as being medical advice or diagnosis.