1.  I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of bio-individuality. Everyone is unique and will not necessarily thrive on the same exact diet, protocol or supplements.

2.  The body is amazing and has an innate ability to heal itself if given the proper tools to do so.

3. We need to stop treating the symptoms and find the root cause of our issues.

4.  Contrary to conventional wisdom you are not what you eat.   Rather, you are what you digest and absorb.  If you aren’t properly digesting your food you cannot benefit from its goodness.

5.  Digestion is fundamental to nutritional therapy.  Health begins in the gut and digestion begins in the brain.

6.  What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.

7.  Adequate hydration is the easiest way to make a big impact on your health.

8.  Every effort should be made to greatly reduce your exposure to plastics, EMF, chemicals, toxins, pesticides and GMOs.

9.  I believe that you need to be your own advocate.  No doctor, no practitioner, will ever know your case like you should.  Healthcare providers work for you.  Speak up.  If you feel like you aren’t being heard, speak louder or leave.  If your doctor won’t order the tests you want ordered, find a new doctor.  If you feel like you or your child aren’t getting better, try a different route, if necessary with a different practitioner.  Never settle.  You are too important for that.

10.  Michael Pollan hit the nail on the head when he said:

  • “You are what what you eat eats”
  • “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”
  • “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”
  • “Don’t eat anything incapable of rotting”
  • “Shake the hand that feeds you”

11.  I believe that the quality of food has a profound effect on health and wellness.  When possible, food that is organic, local, grassfed, wild-caught, and sustainably grown, raised, or caught should be chosen.  Food should also be prepared in a way that preserves and enhances the nutrient content.

12.  Sleep plays a vital role in your good health and well-being.  Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental and physical health, quality of life, and safety.

13.  I do not believe in counting calories, grams, points, or other ways that food is measured.  Most people do not respond well to measuring their food in such a strict way and it is difficult to maintain long-term.  I think it is much more effective to learn to listen to your body and recognize the signs that indicate you are getting enough food and the proper macronutrient ratios.

14.  I believe that health encompasses many different aspects of life.  Although nutrition obviously plays a large role, health is not just about food!  Stress, sleep, environmental exposures, social support, activity level, and many other factors can affect your health.  I believe it is important to consider all the facets of health when trying to bring the body back into balance.

15.  Unless you are on a healing journey, I believe in the 80/20 rule.

16.  When you know better, you do better.  Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing what you didn’t know.  Try harder tomorrow.