Pantry Purge

Let’s start with the basics and clear the decks.  How can you help your family to eat healthier if your pantry is full of processed and packaged foods with little to no nutritional value?

A pantry purge is just what you need.  Together we will set you up for success with these three steps:

1). Identify What Goes Into A Healthy Pantry

2). Identify Your Pantry No-Nos

3). Bring in the Good Stuff

 Meal Planning

Don’t know what to make?  Having trouble finding the time?  Great intentions starting on Monday leads to pizza delivery (again) by Wednesday?  He won’t eat that and she loves this?

I can help.  Let’s sit down and devise a plan.

Family Planning

Pregnant? Thinking about becoming pregnant?  Have a little one at home?

While it is always important to eat healthy and reduce your exposure to chemicals and toxins, during these stages of life it is critical that extra special attention is paid to what you are putting in and on your body.  Contact me and we can look to make improvements as you prepare to become pregnant (fathers-to-be included!) or to support a healthy pregnancy.  It is never too late to start!

Once your little one is here, let’s focus on putting them on the right track.  As they transition to solid foods we’ll discuss what foods to feed them and when to introduce them.  Immune support and strategies to deal with childhood illness and allergies can also be covered.

Cooking Lessons

Does the thought of cooking intimidate you?  Don’t know where to start?  Heard about kombucha but can’t cook quinoa?  Let me help!  In the privacy of your own home, in your own kitchen, with your own supplies I will help tackle your cooking woes.  Big or small.

* Even better invite some friends and make it a party.


Environmental Care

Nutrition, while at the heart of my business and philosophy, is not the only factor when looking to optimize health and wellness.  Health and beauty products, natural remedies/medicines, cleaning products, water quality, EMFs… all these things add up and can have a huge impact on you and your family.

Want to learn what to buy and what to avoid?  Looking to make your own but don’t know where to begin?  Tired of being green-washed?  Let’s walk through your home and find ways to make it better.

Fees – all above services are based on hourly rates of $100/hour.